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We are the roofing experts in Central Florida.

We specialize in home storm restoration, roof repairs and replacement, interior restoration, gutters, and water mitigation (coming soon).

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HD Roofing means roof warranty!

When you decide to hire us, you are giving your roof a 25-year protection warranty. Combining the expertise of our team with all the high-quality materials we use will make your roof stay in perfect conditions for a long time.


Transfer your roof warranty to your family members.

We know you always think about your loved ones. You care about them, their lives, and their future. There’s no better way to ensure their days to come than a 25 years warranty solid roof. Once you acquire our special lifetime warranty, you and your family can be sure HD Roofing will repair any damage regarding labor or material. There’s more: you can transfer this warranty to any member of your family.


We have our own claims department! Our representatives will take care of all your roof insurance claim process and we are capable to achieve a good deal between your roofing insurance company and you. No money upfront is our standard, HD Roofing can address and solve any issue with your insurance payments agreements.

Main Services

Roof Replacement

Don’t worry about replacement costs, we can help you with your insurance claim. We are one of the best roofing companies in Florida.

Over time your roof takes a lot of punishment, causing your shingles to buckle, crack and break apart. We provide the best reroof services in Orlando & Tampa FL.

Roof Repairs

Over time your roof takes a lot of punishment, causing your shingles to buckle, crack, and break apart. We provide the best Roof Repair in Orlando & Tampa FL.

Our experts can repair or replace your roof giving you the benefit of: energy efficiency, increased property value, strong return on your investment, enhanced curb appeal, and more.

Roof Claims

Filing insurance claims can be a difficult and tedious task, especially if certain procedures are not followed. Most insurance companies want to properly service their clients’ claims, but it is still important to understand the proper procedures and exactly what questions to ask. HD Roofing and Construction are experts in the insurance restoration process, and our staff is always eager to offer assistance and accurate information in the insurance claims process.

We can fix your roof before and after the hurricane.

At HD Roofing and Construction we specialize in home storm restoration with four main areas of focus: roof repairs and replacement, interior restoration, water mitigation and gutters. We are the best roofing company in Central FL and our goal is to make your house look as good as t`e day it was built (sometimes even better).


More HD Roofers Services

Emergency Roof Tarps

Your roof could suffer damage after a hail or a wind storm, and if this happens, you will need an emergency tarp. We are 24/7 available. Call us for an emergency roof tarp now!


Our team of experts can assess the good and bad in your existing system and provide you with affordable gutter options to protect your largest investment.

Water Mitigation

Is your roof leaking or does it just look old and tired? Whether your roof needs a cosmetic touch up or it needs a full replacement, we can do a perfect job… on time, top quality and on budget.

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Our Compromise Is To Exceed Your Expectations.

HD Roofing and Construction is on your side.

Roofing companies in Tampa
Roofing company in Tampa

Our Compromise Is To Exceed Your Expectations.

HD Roofing and Construction is on your side.


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From the time that we were founded, we have always been committed to running a company in accordance with ethical business practices. We believe in providing honest, hard work and also in giving our customers what they rightly deserve: high-quality home improvement services at fair prices. Integrity is and always will be a cornerstone of the HD Roofing and Construction brand. But being at the top of the list of Roofing companies in Orlando, Tampa and the state of Florida comes with responsibilities we are willing to take.

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